Jacques MARTEL

Published in 2008 by Mnemos Editions (in french).

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         A far-off time in Antiquity. The Hoplite - Death - awakes from his long sleep, as a great battle is being prepared, a terrible and intense battle in which the greatest Heroes will participate, a battle so momentous as to be watched the Gods, a battle for which the presence of Death himself is required. 
  On the steppes of the Great Dry, Jarl, son of Arkhaï the Burned, the Nomad Clans' Khan of Khans must take the place of his father as ruler of the Bitter Empire, reunite the Clans and form the Horde of Hordes, a role for which he has not been prepared. Opposed by the Khans, who refuse to recognise the authority of this “no name” from the Grand Cities, and despite his personal aversion to war, the young Jarl manages to establish himself as leader and stop the Clans from destroying themselves in a hopeless vendetta against the Empire.
Supported by two legendary figures that the poets call the Solitary King and the Virgin Queen, he is reluctantly drawn towards a sombre and violent destiny, a road paved with rage and blood, along which myths are reality.


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